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Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMH) is the oldest Holocaust museum in the United States. In 1961 at Hollywood High School, a group of Survivors taking English as a Second Language classes found one another and shared their experiences. They discovered that each of them had a photograph, concentration camp uniform, or other precious primary source object from the Holocaust era. They decided that these artifacts needed a permanent home where they could be displayed safely and in perpetuity. They also wanted a place to memorialize their dead and help to educate the world so that no one would ever forget. Some of these founding Survivors remain active on the LAMH Board of Directors today. LAMH is always free because the founding Survivors insisted that no visitors ever be turned away from learning about the Holocaust for lack of an entry fee. With a small and dedicated staff, the Museum fulfills its mission to commemorate and educate.

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