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ALCO Historical & Technical Society
Albany, NY

Since 2009 the Alco Historical & Technical Society has been working to preserve the history of the prolific builder of steam and diesel locomotives that used to call Schenectady, NY home. Not to mention the major role they played in WWII as a manufacturer of tanks and other war materiel. The ALCO Historical & Technical Society has grown rapidly, and has been a (501c3) non-profit since 2010. Planning for the ALCO Heritage Museum is well underway. We had hoped to find a home at the former plant site, but the last obstacle to halt the wrecking ball disappeared and the demolition is well underway. Another location has been found, though, and ambitious plans are in the works to bring home some ALCO products in the near future. It will depend heavily on the support of our membership and corporate sponsors to pull it all together, so don't hesitate to get involved.

Your donations help:
Donations will help us achieve some of our goals including: 1) Funding office/storage space to carry out our mission and preserve ALCO LOCOMOTIVE archives. 2) To create an ALCO Heritage Museum in the Alco locomotive Plant site.

There are many ways you can get involved.

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