Los Alamos Historical Museum
Los Alamos, NM
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Pembina State Museum
Pembina, ND
Situated at the extreme northeastern corner of what is now North Dakota, the region around Pembina has been a center of much activity for centuries. The area was home to several groups of native peoples, including the Ojibwe, Dacotah, Assiniboine, and Cree. With their families, they lived, hunted buffalo, and gathered wild berries here.

The region also played an important role in the fur trade business. From this a new nation of people were born, the Métis, who were descendants of European traders and Indian women. Early fur trade posts and colonies led to the establishment of a river town named Pembina. The scene of international politics and major transportation routes, the region has served as a gateway of commerce between Canada and the United States since the early 1800s.

The museum features two exhibit galleries and observation tower that offers a grand view of the Red River Valley.
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