Los Alamos Historical Museum
Los Alamos, NM
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CREHST - Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science and Technology
Richland, WA
The Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science, and Technology (CREHST) is a museum and science center created to tell the dynamic story of the Columbia Basin and surrounding region.

This facility features a variety of two- and three-dimensional exhibits and displays. Visitors will be entertained with interactive, hands-on displays and activities. From primitive irrigation systems to the development and use of robotics, you will enjoy a fascinating journey through the unique Columbia Basin region. In one afternoon, you can:

*Travel the years from prehistoric time through the nuclear age.
*Discover the unique history and geology of the Columbia.
*River Uncover the secrets of nuclear technology and molecular science.
*Encounter the vast agricultural fields of the Columbia Basin.
*Explore hydroelectric power and Hanford Reach history.
Your donations help:
Donations will assist us with our education programs - those held at the museum as well as the outreach programs.

There are many ways you can get involved.

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