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IAACN- International & American Association of Clinical Nutrition
Addison, TX
The International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN)

The IAACN is a professional association of practicing clinical nutritionists in many health care professions who strive to attain the highest standards of competency and practice.

The IAACN was founded in 1983 as a Florida State organization. However, the founders soon became aware of the need for national and international professional standards, and for regulation and protection beyond the state level.

Today IAACN is a flourishing organization with goals that address the needs of professional clinical nutritionists and the public that is served. This includes a commitment to:

A CODE OF ETHICS - promulgating a Code of Professional Ethics by which members must abide.

CERTIFICATION - participation in the Certified Clinical Nutritionists (CCN) Examination under the sponsorship of the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB). The CCN Examination has become a national standard for clinical nutritionists who meet high requirements of professional competency.

LEGISLATION - monitoring legislation that impacts the field of nutrition and promoting the most effective coordinated legislative action.

PUBLIC EDUCATION - supporting and producing public education programs on nutrition.

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION - as an organizational member of the prestigious International Associations for Continuing Education and Training, that provides continuing education courses to update practitioners on the latest technical research and assessment techniques.

MEMBER FORUMS - organizing IAACN conferences for the purpose of growth, networking, and idea exchange.
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COMPETENCY AND TRAINING - One of the primary tasks of the IAACN is the assurance of competency and skills of its professional members. This function is addressed through uniform and rigorous standards, and through mandatory continuing education programs.

PUBLIC EDUCATION -supporting and producing public education programs on nutrition -preventive health care education

LEGISLATIVE RESPONSIBILITY The IAACN seeks to protect and uphold the public freedom of health care choice and the rights to choose nutritional alternatives. The field of nutrition economically impacts substantial industries, many of which have lobbied for restrictive legislation denying public access to clinical nutritionists. IAACN monitors these activities and informs members and the public how to effectively counteract such legislative efforts through coordinated action.

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