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The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum
Buffalo, WY
Our museum is dedicated to following the late Jim Gatchell's vision of preserving the history of Johnson County, Wyoming, with emphasis on its Frontier Era, through the collection and conservation of related art, archives and artifacts.
The annual operating costs of the museum are funded, in part, by Johnson county with a property tax. Due to a sharply curtailed tax base in the 1980s, that support was threatened. A non-profit organization, the Gatchell Museum Association (GMA) was formed by the residents. Its ongoing objectives are to develop outside funding to support the museum's operations and to create an endowment fund. Thus, for five decades, the people of Johnson County and their friends throughout the state and nation, have built, maintained and nurtured the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum.
Your donations help:
Your donations will help us continue to develop projects including interpretive exhibits, publications and programs which focus on the Powder River Country of Johnson County

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