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Sky Harbor Avian & Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Hudson, FL
Sky Harbor is a non-profit, 501 C 3 organization for the rescue, rehabilitation and release of Florida's native, protected, endangered and migratory wildlife. At our center we are licensed for birds and small mammals, we accept raccoons, deer, squirrels and all birds from the tiniest songbird to birds of prey. We host a large network of rehabbers licensed to care for large mammals, reptiles and other species.

We also do educational programs and have for many years, been guest speaker at Great American Teach Ins in two counties. We do presentations for many public and civic groups as well. It is our legacy to educate the next generation so they may continue the work we have begun and eventually affect changes for the good of the planet.In April of 2005, we relocated our facility to two acres with a lake in Hudson, Florida. We have constructed many new cages, to accomodate a larger quantity of larger species. A outdoor shelter was built at the front of the facility for on site educational presentations and a 24 ft round pond is currently under construction. This area will be complete with a waterfall, native plantings, lights, a rock border and a small walk over bridge for viewing. We will continue building more flight cages, exhibit cages for our handicapped, educational owls and hawks, a deer enclosure with stall shelters and three more large cages.
Your donations help:
Donations will assist us to continue building cages, and purchasing the many foods, medications and needs for the wildlife in our care. Your donations are important to us and so very appreciated as it "Keeps the feathers flying"!

There are many ways you can get involved.

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