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Historic New Harmony
New Harmony, IN

New Harmony is the site of two of America's great utopian communities. The first, Harmonie on the Wabash (1814-1824), was founded by the Harmony Society, a group of Separatists from the German Lutheran Church. In 1814, led by their charismatic leader Johann Georg Rapp, they left their first American home, Harmonie, PA. Indiana's lower Wabash Valley on the western frontier gave them the opportunity to acquire a much larger tract of land. In 1825, the Harmonists moved back to Pennsylvania and built the town of Economy near Pittsburgh. Robert Owen, Welsh-born industrialist and social philosopher, bought their Indiana town and the surrounding lands for his communitarian experiment.

The historic site consists of many Harmonist (1814-1824) and later 19th century buildings. Gardens and a reconstructed Harmonist Labyrinth can be seen in town. Although there are still many Harmonist buildings, much of Historic New Harmony's collection relates to the Owen community and later periods of New Harmony history. Some archival material and artifacts relate to the Harmony Society.

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