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Newton History Museum at the Jackson Homestead
Newton,  MA
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Friends of the North Carolina Maritime Museum
Beaufort, NC

The Friends of the Museum is a private, non-profit organization forging a public/private partnership between supporters of our state’s rich maritime heritage and the state of North Carolina. Patrons of the museum organized “Friends” in 1979 as a way for the entire state to help the North Carolina Maritime Museum grow and prosper. Friends of the Museum goes the extra distance to ensure that our state’s maritime heritage will always be preserved and cherished and that our citizens will have access to it. Over the years, our supporters have not only given money to support the museum, but they have taken on projects giving their time and manpower. They have provided tools for the Watercraft Center, donated boats to the museum’s collection, given vehicles to our field studies program and given in many more ways that are immeasurable.

The state of North Carolina, through the Department of Cultural Resources, Office of Archives and History, Division of State History Museums, supports the museum system that consists of the flagship museum in Beaufort and branch museums in Southport and on Roanoke Island. Our friends love the coastal communities, both past and present, and show their love by generously adding to the support of the museum.

"Friends" works with the museum by underwriting new projects, purchasing equipment, funding educational and public awareness programs and acquiring land and facilities needed for expansion. The "Friends" organization has acquired thirty acres of waterfront in Beaufort, and plans to help the museum develop this property. The “Gallants Channel Annex” will provide new and exciting ways for the public and scholars to experience maritime history.

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