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Fernbank Science Center
Atlanta, GA
Fernbank Science Center was constructed on the edge of the 65-acre primeval forest on 4 acres of land which was deeded to the DeKalb County Board of Education from Fernbank, Inc. for that purpose. Fernbank Forest was purchased from Col. Z. D. Harrison in 1937 by a group of citizens who were interested in conservation and the preservation of this forest area for science education. The DeKalb County Board of Education believes that the primary functions of Fernbank Science Center are to communicate science and its relationships to other disciplines to all people and to serve as an interface between scientific research and the publics it serves. The Board agrees that the major goals of Fernbank Science Center are: * to develop an informed scientifically literate citizenry; * to develop and contribute to new curriculum trends and innovative methods of instruction; * to improve the public understanding of science; and * to be involved in professional, scientific and educational activities on the local, state and national level. With tax funds from DeKalb schools being the sole basis for the planning budget, it has been difficult to define the philosophy as one serving out-of-DeKalb residents. While the facilities should be made available to all, to set an equitable admission, attendance or registration charge would obviously deprive many citizens who probably need the educational opportunities provided. At the present time the concentration of programs and courses offered are for DeKalb schools. The forest is open for self-guided tours on a regular basis with the public planetarium shows, observatory open house, and the exhibit area all being available for the public.
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