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Florida Agricultural Museum
Palm Coast, FL

The Florida Agricultural Museum is a work in progress. It is located in the most historic portion of Flagler County, bounded by Pellicer Creek, and the Princess Place Preserve, near U.S. Route 1. The concept is to preserve our rich heritage of agriculture. Much activity is in progress by volunteers and museum staff in restoring artifacts, vintage tractors and farm equipment donated to the museum. Historic structures have been moved into place and are now being restored on the museum site.

Five historic structures have been donated to the Florida Agricultural Museum by David Strawn of DeLeon Springs. The donated buildings include two large barns, a granary, worker's homes, and numerous auxiliary structures.

The Palm Coast Holding Company is donating sixteen acres of an 18th century British sawmill site to the Florida Agricultural Museum. The mill site was built during the British Occupation. Today the only visible signs are an earthen dam traversing the swamp, two borrow pits, and the ruins of a structure. It is hoped that this historic area may be re-constructed. Nearby is the site of Fort Fulton, built to protect Old Kings Road during the Seminole War.

The historic Traxler Commissary was moved from Alachua County and reassembled on the museum property during 2003. A special category grant, presented to the Florida Historical Commission in Tallahassee during mid-September of this year resulted in our ranking of #44. Staff estimate that the top 56-57 applicants will be funded.

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Your greatly appreciated donations will be used for feed and veterinary care for our heritage livestock (Florida Cracker Horses).

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