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Alexandria Black History Museum
Alexandria,  VA
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Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts (SMOFA)
Plantation, FL

The purpose of SMOFA is to provide a venue for artists, some well known and some obscure, to share their work with the community. The Museum was founded by Max Schacknow, a self-taught, Brooklyn New York born artist, who realized how difficult it was for unknown artists to showcase their talent. A successful businessman for many years, Mr. Schacknow was unable to pursue his dream of establishing a not-for-profit museum until his retirement at the age of 71. He then spent several years laying the groundwork for this project. He established the Max and Evelyn Schacknow Foundation, Inc. to serve as the major financial benefactor of the Museum. Real estate acquisition, site redevelopment, staff training and program organization led to the public opening of the Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts on June 1, 2000. The Museum is a registered 501-(c)(3) educational institution in the State of Florida. The majority of its financial support comes from the Foundation, with substantial contributions from community based businesses, the general public and Museum members.

The 9000 sq. ft museum contains an Art Library, Member's Lounge, Media Room, Gift Shop and three Classrooms. Scheduled programs include monthly video presentations of the work of painters, photographers and sculptors, children's art instructional classes, rotating exhibitions of original works by area and national artists, a visiting scholars program for local elementary through high school students and a seniors invitation program for organized groups of senior citizens.

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