Double Donation Day!

Double Donation Day!
Youth Science Center
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Double Donation Day

Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia
Big Rapids, MI

The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia is a national leader in the fight against racism.  Located on the campus of Ferris State University, the Museum possesses more than 4,000 objects: segregation-themed artifacts, civil rights memorabilia and everyday items that belittle African Americans.  These objects are used to teach people to confront racism openly and honestly.  The Museum is founded on the idea that items of intolerance can be used to teach tolerance.  The museum uses Jim Crow era objects to show that racism was wrong and is wrong.

Ferris Sociology Professor and Museum Curator David Pilgrim donated the items to the University where they now help educate and unite people rather than sow seeds of misunderstanding and division.  

Despite being housed in a single, small room since its founding in 1996, the museum has become a national and international resource.  The New York Times, Associated Press, British Broadcasting Corporation, National Public Radio and many others have turned to the Jim Crow Museum and its Web site ( for expertise on issues of race and race relations.

Your donations help:

The Museum is seeking $1 million to develop more fully the educational potential of its collection through a major expansion of its physical displays.  The new exhibits will tell six important stories: the origins of Jim Crow; Jim Crow and violence; Jim Crow and anti-Black imagery; battling Jim Crow imagery; attacking Jim Crow segregation, and moving beyond Jim Crow.

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