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Alexandria Black History Museum
Alexandria,  VA
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Gilcrease Museum
Tulsa, OK

Gilcrease Museum is the product of a lifetime of collecting by Thomas Gilcrease, whose fortune was made in the dusty oilfields of Oklahoma nearly 100 years ago. As Gilcrease's fortunes grew, so did his desire to learn more about the art, history and cultures of North, Central and South America. His collections make up the vast majority of works on display within the galleries of Gilcrease Museum.

Gilcrease Museum has something for everyone - ancient Mayan pottery, Frederic Remington's stunning tributes to the American west, and letters penned by historic luminaries such as Diego Columbus and Thomas Jefferson. These are just a few examples of the great exhibits at the museum.

Gilcrease Museum, through its collections, is dedicated to bringing art and people together to discover, enjoy, and understand the diverse heritage of the Americas.

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Contributions to the Gilcrease Museum help provide great exhibitions, lecturers, educational programs for adults and children, and many other services. Every dollar contributed is another step in fulfilling our mission to be the Museum of the Americas.

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