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Alexandria Black History Museum
Alexandria,  VA
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McLean County Museum of History
Bloomington, IL

In accordance with the Statement of Purpose, Article II of the Constitution, adopted by the McLean County Historical Society; it is the Mission of this society to educate the general public on the history of the people of McLean County by operating museums and libraries which provide exhibits, public programs and research collections; to develop publications; and to acquire and preserve collections which reflect the diversity of McLean County. This Mission is implemented through the accomplishment of the following:

To educate the public through the interpretive exhibition of objects and to develop public educational programs in association with the people and institutions of our community.

To acquire, in conformance with the collections policy, objects, papers, periodicals, and books which reflect all segments of the community and to preserve these collections through proper storage and conservation measures, and to exhibit them in secure environments.

To support research in local and family history by making books, manuscripts, and databases accessible and to support the same by providing the professional staff assistance and guidance in the course of such research.

To publish popular and scholarly works.

To encourage public support of the museum through donation of time and money by all segments of the community.

To interpret and to encourage the preservation of historic buildings and sites.

To continually pursue professional standards through participation in state and national museum and heritage organizations and to remain an American Association of Museums (AAM) accredited institution.

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