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New York Folklore Society
Schenectady, NY

Vision Statement

The New York Folklore Society recognizes and celebrates the extraordinary in everyday life, bringing focus to the traditions of our state’s diverse peoples. NYFS is the leading resource for folklore and folklife by disseminating research and information throughout the state.

Core Values

* The New York Folklore Society values the rights and needs of all New Yorkers to express and practice the traditions that have always been a part of New York’s story.

* All people are welcome to utilize our programs and services.

* New York Folklore Society is committed to providing services with integrity, in a manner that conveys respect for the dignity of the individuals and the communities NYFS serves and their cultures, including ethnic, religious, occupational, and regional traditions.

* NYFS seeks to foster respect for, and interest in, folklore and to promote cross-cultural understanding.

* NYFS strives to support folklorists, tradition bearers, and community scholars and to cultivate the general public’s interest in these traditions.

* NYFS advocates with policymakers to embrace the study and practice of folklore.

* NYFS actively promotes the continuation of our folklife to ensure our cultural vitality, now and in the future.


The New York Folklore Society fosters the study, promotion, and continuation of folklore and folklife of New York’s diverse cultures through education, advocacy, support, and outreach.

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