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General John A. Logan Museum
Murphysboro, IL

General John A. Logan (1826 – 1886) played an important role in our country’s history. At a young age he rose to prominence in state politics. The Civil War brought him national fame as a dashing, popular, and, perhaps, the best volunteer general. With his energetic, brave temperament, and darkly dramatic good looks, he embodied the hero to many of his contemporaries. After the war, Logan’s Senate career, his leadership of the powerful veterans organization (the Grand Army of the Republic), and his campaign for the Vice Presidency in 1884 made him one of the most famous men in the nation. John

A. Logan’s fame did not end with his death — he would be honored well into the twentieth century as the founder of Memorial Day. Today there are Logan statues in Chicago, Vicksburg, and Washington as well as in Murphysboro, Illinois, his birthplace. Even a peak in the Rocky Mountains bears his name.

It is the mission of the General John A. Logan Museum to use the life and accomplishments of General John A. Logan and his family to educate the general public about the lives of Southern Illinois residents as they accommodated the sociological, political, economic, and technological changes of the nineteenth century.

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