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East Kentucky Science Center
Prestonsburg, KY

The East Kentucky Science Center opens a doorway to the universe of knowledge for the people of the Appalachian region in Kentucky. The Center makes understanding a personal journey where visitors are encouraged to discover the world of science by taking a central role in the learning process.

The Goals of the East Kentucky Science Center are:

* The Science Center will feature exhibits and presentations of regional, national, and global interest to provide enriching learning experiences for visitors of all ages and learning levels.

* The Science Center acknowledges that its mission necessitates the increasing accessibility of science to an audience of diverse backgrounds in an atmosphere that is positive and enjoyable.

* The Science Center will enhance the quality of life, prestige of the area, provide tourism interest, and gain regional preeminence in the delivery of learning experiences to the visitor.

* To ensure long-term ability of the Science Center to fulfill its mission, the organization will diligently seek to generate philanthropy benefiting the region, train and develop volunteer leadership, and maintain sound financial planning.

The Science Center, a private nonprofit organization located in Prestonsburg, Kentucky, was officially established in 1996 as the East Kentucky Center for Science, Math, and Technology, following several years of discussion and planning among education , business and community leaders from across Eastern Kentucky. The Center's Board of Directors is composed of key individuals representing public schools, colleges and universities, local businesses, and community organizations.

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