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East Tennessee Historical Society
Knoxville, TN

As East Tennesseans, we are a people defined by a common geography and a shared history that set us apart from the rest of the South. We are Native Americans and frontiersmen, business and political leaders, farmers and miners, makers of textiles and leaders in technology, rebels and educators. We are the hillbillies of myth and the mountain and valley people of flesh and blood. We lived longer with candlelight and oil lamp than most Americans, but when we lit our houses with TVA, we powered the nation.

We practice a fierce independence. We hold fast to our traditions. We love our homeplace. We are East Tennesseans.

For nearly 170 years, the East Tennessee Historical Society has been helping us hold on to our unique heritage-recording the events, collecting the artifacts, and saving the stories that comprise the history we all share.

Since 1834, the East Tennessee Historical Society has been telling the stories, collecting the artifacts, and recording the events that comprise our region's unique history. The historical society pursues its educational mission through publications, lectures, conferences, school programs, exhibits, and heritage programs such as the popular First Families of Tennessee and the new Civil War Families of Tennessee.

ETHS not only helps preserve history, but it also has a rich history of its own. Follow the links to find out more about ETHS, how you can become involved in the society, and what events ETHS has to offer.

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