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Newton History Museum at the Jackson Homestead
Newton,  MA
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Historical Society of the Town of Warwick
Warwick, NY

Our historical society has performed the vital function of revealing the past so that this and future generations of Warwickians can plan wisely for our community's future. As Abraham Lincoln once said `how can you know where you're going if you don't know where you've been'. So, since 1906 we have been studying our past and sharing it with our local newspapers and our political, religious, cultural and educational institutions. Consequently, our community leaders have richly benefited by being able to draw from the experiences of those who preceded them. We have all been able to better contextualize our current problems and challenges and through history we have developed a greater appreciation of our town's unique heritage and have cultivated a stronger sense of civic responsibility and commitment towards its sustainability and progress. A community detached from its past is a community without a compass or a rudder to chart its course. It is a community of people who lack courage, vision and civic pride. Thanks to generations of hardworking members, the Historical Society has given our town the tools it has used to make Warwick one of New York State's premiere municipalities.

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