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Newton History Museum at the Jackson Homestead
Newton,  MA
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Tarrytown, NY

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is delighted to welcome you to Lyndhurst, America's finest Gothic Revival mansion and a remarkable example of the Hudson River's grand and historic estates. Lyndhurst has always been a place to escape the city and to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Hudson River and the peaceful surroundings of the country.

Overlooking the Hudson River in Tarrytown NY is Lyndhurst, one of America's finest Gothic Revival mansions. The architectural brilliance of the residence, designed in 1838 by Alexander Jackson Davis, is complemented by a park-like landscape and a comprehensive collection of original decorative arts. Its noteworthy occupants included: former New York City mayor William Paulding, merchant George Merritt and railroad tycoon Jay Gould.

The estate was shaped during more than a century by these three families. Their influence is still evident in the expansion of the main house from a country villa "in the pointed style" to a Gothic mansion; in the rich furnishings; and in the park-like design of the grounds.

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