Double Donation Day!

Double Donation Day!
Aquarium of Niagara
Niagara Falls,  NY
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Double Donation Day

Baltimore Museum of Industry
Baltimore, MD

From food canning to broadcasting, visitors can interact with the technologies which forged the Industrial Revolution and brought us to the 21st century. Step into vividly-recreated workshops on machining, printing, garment-making and metalworking.

Walk through an 1886 bank building... Step into the 1910 Bunting Pharmacy, where Noxema was invented... Learn about the country's first gas company, plus Baltimore's contributions to the glass making industry. Walk along our Maryland Milestone Wall and experience local innovations which touched the world... from the world's first disposable bottle cap to America's first umbrella company... from the invention of the world's first typesetting machine to the invention of modern radar, and much, much more...

Learn Baltimore's role as one of the busiest and most important ports in America. See a replica of an early dock and dockmaster's shed. Walk through the original 1865 Platt Oyster Cannery structure, the only surviving cannery building. Look outside and see the coal-fired S.S. Baltimore, the only operating steam tugboat on the East Coast -- a National Historic Landmark lovingly restored and maintained by our team of volunteers.

See the 1937 Mini-Mariner, the flying prototype of the WWII flying boat bomber, restored by some of the same Baltimore-area workers who built it. See artifacts from other sectors of transportation, such as a 1922 steam roller and a 1914 moving van.

Experience the accomplishments and milestones that Baltimoreans and Marylanders contributed to the nation and the world.

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