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Bark River Woods Historical Society
Hebron, WI

The Bark River Woods Historical Society was founded in 1976 as a bicentennial project by a small group of retired teachers and other area residents interested in preserving the history of Hebron & Cold Spring townships in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. These townships were at one time all part of Bark River Township in the early years of statehood.

In 1981, the Society was able to lease the Hebron Town Hall when Town offices were moved to the Hebron Community Center, the former Hebron School. We subsequently purchased the building from the Township and named it the "Town Hall Museum". The building was placed on the State and National Register of Historic Buildings in 2002, just in time to celebrate the 100th birthday of the building. We also added a barnlike structure in 2002 to store and display larger agricultural artifacts.

Your donations help:
The building is our former Town Hall and it has been placed on the state and National Register of Historic Buildings. It was built in 1902 and was the hub of our township activities until 1985. We have established a "Legacy Fund" (similiar to an endowment fund) which we hope to get at least $10,000 to invest and then be able to use the interest toward long term building and artifact preservation and educational programs for the general public, especially school children. We are a strictly volunteer organization. There is no paid staff and we do not receive any public funding.

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