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Alexandria Black History Museum
Alexandria,  VA
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Bristol Historical Society
Bristol, CT


The mission of the Bristol Historical Society is to promote an interest in local history and encourage an appreciation for its importance. The Bristol Historical Society collects, preserves, and interprets significant historical resources to enhance the present community and provide a historical context for future growth.


Sustained by the work of staff and volunteers and supported by the generosity of the community, the Bristol Historical Society strives to:

1. Develop and operate a vigorous center for a variety of community educational activities.

2. Collect, preserve, and interpret a collection of local historic artifacts and records.

3. Promote community vents of historical significance with public appeal.

4. Encourage the preservation and restoration of the community’s historical assets.

Your donations help:
The BHS is in the middle of a multi-phase restoration of the former Bristol High School, built in 1890, which is our new home. Donations will go to the building fund to continue restoration efforts.

There are many ways you can get involved.

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