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The Lincoln Museum
Fort Wayne, IN

n 1905, Arthur Hall and a group of business leaders from Fort Wayne, Indiana, founded The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. Hall, a lifelong admirer of Abraham Lincoln, wrote to the president’s only surviving son, Robert Todd Lincoln, to ask for a photograph that the company might use on its letterhead. Robert abliged and the company prospered.

In 1928 Hall took the opportunity to repay the Lincoln family by creating the Lincoln Historical Research Foundation, dedicated to the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. The Foundation, under the leadership of Dr. Louis A. Warren, opened The Lincoln Museum to the public in 1931.

Today, The Lincoln Museum houses the world’s largest private collection dedicated to the life and times of Abraham Lincoln. It includes: signed copies of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th amendment; 7,000 19th century prints, engravings and 19th century newspapers; 5,000 original nineteenth-century photographs; 200,000 newspapers and magazine clippings; 300 nineteenth century sheet music titles; scores of period artifacts; Lincoln family belongings; and manuscript collections.

Its mission of the museum is to interpret and preserve the history and legacy of Abraham Lincoln through research, preservation, exhibitry, and education. Tens of thousands of visitors of all ages from throughout the United States and many other countries visit The Lincoln Museum each year.

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Your donations will help to further The Lincoln Museum's mission to celebrate the life of Abraham Lincoln through education, exhibitry, programs and Lincoln Lore quarterly.

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