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Alley Pond Environmental Center
Douglaston, NY

Alley Pond Environmental Center (APEC) is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to establishing an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the environment and the responsibilities associated with preserving the environment in an urban setting.

Our mission is primarily accomplished by:

1. Providing education and awareness programs for all constituents of the community, utilizing the wetlands habitat and nature preserve of Alley Pond Park, which we manage and maintain, as a learning center and environmental laboratory.

2. Building a broad constituency for the preservation and protection of park lands and open spaces, like Alley Pond Park, so that we may pass on an enhanced natural heritage to future generations.

3. Advocating for progressive environmental policies and practices that are consistent with a more suitable environment and environmentally sound lifestyle in the home, school and workplace.

In part, we accomplish our mission through exhibits about the natural habitats and inhabitants of Alley Pond Park. In addition, our Education Department offers lessons in the diverse ecosystems of the park to schoolchildren from every district in Queens as well as schools form Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Nassau County. Discussions, nature hikes, hands-on animal discovery with rabbits, snakes and turtles which APEC maintains in its mini-zoo-aquarium, contribute to a fun learning experience. Adults, children and families also enjoy scheduled weekend, evening and after school programs. Bird walks, nature hikes, craft sessions and workshops on such topis as: recycling, wetlands and endangered species are the types of programs APEC hosts throughout the year — something for everyone!

Your donations help:
To enable us to provide quality environmental Education programs for all ages.

There are many ways you can get involved.

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