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Alexandria,  VA
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Irish American Heritage Museum
Albany, NY

Cognizant of the need to preserve and better understand the contributions of Irish heritage to American society, the Irish American Heritage Museum seeks through appropriate programs, activities, projects, and resources to enhance, highlight, and extend the Irish American heritage to an ever wider audience nationally and internationally.

The Irish American Heritage Museum is dedicated to the preservation and promulgation of Irish American heritage traditions. Toward this end, the Museum will devise projects and develop programs focusing on the unique heritage of the sons and daughters of Erin in America.

Specifically, the Museum shall:

1. Act as a repository and collect, preserve, interpret and present materials and objects related to the heritage of the Irish American population of New York State, the United States and the international community.

2. Research, document, and disseminate globally, information on the contributions of the Irish and of the Irish Americans.

3. Serve as a center for scholarly and popular research through the Museum's research library and archives and as sponsor of educational and cultural programs related to the heritage of the Irish and of Irish American people.

It is hoped that these varied activities of the Museum will educate Irish Americans about their contributions to the heritage of the United States. The Museum will equally strive to enlighten others about the singular influence of Irish Americans upon the development of American political and social institutions.

Your donations help:
Donations will be used to create educational programs and exhibits as well as promoting and preserving the history and culture of the Irish in America.

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