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Alexandria Black History Museum
Alexandria,  VA
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American Italian Heritage Museum And Cultural Center
Albany, NY


The Italian Immigrant Room >>containing a photo exhibit, immigrant memorabilia and artifacts.

The Art Gallery>> where Italian-American artists exhibit paintings, sculptures, photos, prints etc.

The Italian Folk Art Room >>featuring a collection of photos featuring the Hill towns of Italy, artifacts from Italy, an authentic Italian regional doll Collection, and memorabilia.

Famous Italian American Exhibit

Italian Americans in the Military Exhibit

Faith of Our Ancestors The Center & Museum will also included a Library, Archives and a Video Library comprised of books and videos dealing with the history and culture of Italy, a few genealogy resources, and papers all focusing on Italian history, culture etc.

Our Cultural Center will also feature Italian Language Classes, Cooking Classed, Opera Workshops, Music Programs, Cultural Programs, Genealogy Classes, Feast & Holiday Programs, Italian Easter & Christmas Bake Sales, Food Festivals.

A unique Italian-American gift shop will sell books and maps as well as mugs, t-shirts. Meeting rooms are available.

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All donations will go directly to our operating expences. At this time the museum is an all volunteer organization.

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