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Museum of Bus Transporation
Hershey, PA

The motorbus industry occupies a vital place in the everyday life of the American public. In rural areas and in the thousands of towns and cities across the nation, it provides personal transportation for many purposes, carrying more persons daily than all other public modes of transportation put together.

The building and evolution of this industry provides a fascinating story of invention and entrepreneurism, for it evolved from individual effort of thousands of people risking their time and capital in the hope of creating a profitable business.

Surprisingly, until now there was no national showplace for this industry to show and tell its story. Unlike other modes of passenger transportation--car, air or rail--the motorbus, perhaps taken too much for granted in its pervasive everyday services, goes unrecognized and under credited in the museum halls of our nation.

The purpose of the Museum of Bus Transportation organization is to provide museum-quality displays of the bus industry for the public to showcase the industry's growth and development in the United States and to celebrate the role that the bus industry continues to play in the mobility and progress of the American public. This museum will promote the bus industry, and will seek to be of continuous interest to both the general public and the bus enthusiast.

To meet this need, the Museum of Bus Transportation has partnered with the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum (AACAM) to establish a joint museum. Having this new facility allows each organization to display all forms of motor vehicles and related memorabilia to better educate and entertain the hobbyist and general public.

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