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Alexandria Black History Museum
Alexandria,  VA
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Huntington Historical Society
Huntington, NY

Since 1903 the Huntington Historical Society has played a vital role in the preservation and interpretation of the greater Huntington area’s unique history. From an extensive Archives and Library, to our two House Museums, education programs, amazing collection of historic artifacts, portraits, crafts, furniture and more, the Society has been a constant link between the past and those who, in the present, wish to understand, research, view or simply experience what life was like for those living in the Huntington area long ago.

Public support of the Society is imperative if we are to continue to enrich and preserve Huntington history — not just for today’s residents — but for future generations as well. Your shopping donation today will assist the Historical Society in our efforts to create exciting public exhibits highlighting our unique collections and will also benefit our educational programs.

Your donations help:
Donations will be used for our education and outreach activities at our Conklin Farmhouse and Kissam House Museums.

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