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American Airpower Heritage Museum
Midland, TX

World War II began and ended with the airplane. From the German aerial attack on Poland in 1939 to the release of the atom bomb over Hiroshima in 1945, the airplane played a decisive role in the outcome of World War II.

Today, the American Airpower Heritage Museum (AAHM) located at Midland International Airport in Midland, Texas, is dedicated to preserving the complete history of World War II military aviation and the memory of the men and women who built, serviced and flew the historic military aircraft of World War II.

Recognized for its collection of authentic World War II artifacts and memorabilia, including uniforms of Allied and Axis countries, armament, photographs, weapons and equipment, the museum houses 40,000 square feet of "hands-on" permanent exhibits that detail the story of World War II airpower. From the rise of German and Japanese militarism before World War II to the introduction of the atomic age, the AAHM provides interactive exhibits that illustrate aviation concepts and events from every theater of the war.

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