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Alexandria Black History Museum
Alexandria,  VA
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Naval War College Museum
Newport, RI

The History of the "art and science" of naval warfare, chiefly as studied at the Naval War College through the years, is the principal theme of the Naval War College Museum, which is located in Founders Hall (1820), the original site of the College (1884 - 1889) and a National Historic Landmark. In its broadest application, this encompasses theories and concepts of sea power, international and maritime law, foreign policy formulation, diplomacy, and naval operations. More specifically, the focus is naval power and professional implementation for the achievement of strategic and tactical objectives.

Exhibits seek to explain the importance of the sea as a factor in the formulation of national policy objectives and as the arena wherein decisions are made through diplomacy and trial by arms. Examples of command performance in the planning and the execution of projects and campaigns are drawn from world history and from the conceptual and analytical studies produced at the Naval War College.

The Naval War College Museum also displays exhibits on the history of naval activities in the Rhode Island and the Narragansett Bay region from the colonial period to the present.

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