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Hershey Gardens
Hershey, PA

The first 3-1/2 acre rose garden opened in 1937. By 1942 Hershey Gardens expanded to a dazzling 23-acre botanical garden.

Now filled with breathtaking theme gardens, brilliant seasonal displays, unique trees, an outdoor Butterfly House and a wondrous Children's Garden - Hershey Gardens simply must be experienced!

Our mission: Hershey Gardens is dedicated to horticultural excellence while providing valuable learning opportunities and inspiring memorable experiences.

Yearly Bloom Schedule

April - May:

Daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs, magnolias, flowering cherries, crabapples, azaleas, dogwoods, flowering plums and 30,000 vividly beautiful tulips!


Over 7,000 roses (275 varieties) bloom throughout these months as well as with rhododendrons, azaleas, peonies, magnificent flowering annuals, perennials, herbs and shrubs.


Fall foliage, chysanthemums and a late-season bloom of roses, pansies, frost-tolerate annuals, berries, pods and ornamental grasses.

December - March:

Holly and viburnium berries, colorful bark, assorted colors and textures of evergreens, as well as blooming winter aconites, witch hazels and Christmas Rose. Don't miss the interesting structure of the trees and the fascinating wildlife such as the birds feeding on crabapples.

Your donations help:
Donations will support Hershey Gardens educational programs.

There are many ways you can get involved.

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