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NC Maritime Museum at Southport
Southport, NC

The North Carolina Maritime Museum documents, collects, preserves, and researches the maritime history—and its corollary natural history—of coastal North Carolina for the purpose of interpreting this history through educational services and exhibits for our contemporary society, and passing intact its material culture to future generations.

The Maritime Museum strives to reach a broad and diverse audience of families, children, the elderly, ethnic minorities, and the physically challenged. An annual visitation of more than 180,000 people includes 60 percent in-state, 35 percent out-of-state, and 5 percent foreign. Some 10,000 school children visit the museum every year for general tours, special children's programs, and the Summer Science School for young students.

All of the museum's programs and exhibits, both general and specialized, interpret the state's cultural maritime history and offer a larger national perspective on coastal environment and barrier island ecology.

The museum and its facilities—especially its auditorium, library, and Watercraft Center—are made available to community, civic, and educational groups. The Chamber of Commerce, Professional & Business Association, Library Board, Coast Guard Auxiliary, and others frequently use the museum auditorium, the only local hall that will seat more than 100 people.

Your donations help:
Funds would be used for: purchase/expansion of museum facility, expansion of museum exhibits and to enhance the maritime programs for children and adults in our area.

There are many ways you can get involved.

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