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Alexandria Black History Museum
Alexandria,  VA
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Old Barracks Museum
Trenton, NJ

The Old Barracks Museum is fully accredited by the American Association of Museums. It is a registered State and National Historic Landmark, built in 1758 as a residence for British Soldiers during the French and Indian War. During the American Revolutionary War, the Barracks was occupied at different times by both the British Army and the Continental Army. Continental forces controlled it steadily after the Battles of Trenton, and used it as an Army hospital. The Old Barracks offers year-round education programs, lectures, exhibits, and special events.

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Your donations will benefit the Old Barracks Museum's "Meet the Past" living history educational programs. "Meet the Past" immerses participants into the world of 1777 where they become recruits in the Continental Army of 1777, meet a nurse, orderly or doctor in the army hospital and encounter a witness to the Battles of Trenton or a Loyalist. Your donations will also benefit our educational outreach programs and on-going development.

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