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Newton,  MA
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Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden
Lake Monroe, FL

Enter the enchanted, tropical world of the Central Florida Zoo, a relaxing, entertaining and educational experience for the entire family. Discover a world of animals from around the world within this intimate park nestled in the heart of Florida. Stroll along shaded, winding boardwalks and paths as you see towering elephants, search for elusive cheetahs, appreciate the beauty of bright-faced mandrills and listen to the song of the kookaburra. Or dare to meet some of the world’s most venomous reptiles and non-venomous snakes, lizards and frogs in the Herpetarium.

See new animals like the rare Puerto Rican crested toads, endangered Amur leopards, venomous king cobra and colorful hyacinth macaws. The recently transformed Butterfly Sensory Garden incorporates touch, look, listen and smell stations, contrasting human and insect senses.

Discovering animals is just the beginning. Over 75,000 school children participate in formal education programs every year, fostering an appreciation for animals and the importance of biodiversity. Programs like Two-to-the-Zoo for second graders and Curric-ZOO-lum for third grade students, integrate mathematics, language arts, geography and social science into a fun day of learning. Create Your Own ZOOVenture programs are customized to meet the needs of teachers. Whatever the program, they are all designed to meet Florida Sunshine State Standards requirements.

Conservation of animals is paramount; many endangered species entrusted to our care may soon be extinct in the wild. Captive breeding programs may be their only hope for survival. Species Survival Plans, coordinated through the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, are attempting to maintain genetic diversity to ensure healthy, vigorous animals to reproduce now and in the future. Beyond this, SSPs participate in a variety of other cooperative conservation activities such as research, public education, reintroduction and field projects. The Zoo participates in 12 SSP programs.

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