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Racine Art Museum
Racine, WI

The Racine Art Museum (RAM) has one of North America's most significant collections of contemporary crafts (ceramics, fibers, glass, metals, wood and works on paper). RAM is an increasingly popular destination for residents of the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor and from outside the Midwest. Its national reputation is built on its renowned collection, the building's award-winning architecture and its internationally recognized exhibition program. RAM is totally self-sustaining and doesn't receive any funds through taxation.

The RAM’s focus is on presenting work from artists who create meaningful statements in craft media, RAM dispels any differentiation between fine arts and crafts and between the artist and the craftsperson. Exhibitions at RAM emphasize ideas behind the artwork, rather than following strict media categories. RAM also plays a vital role in arts education through its Wustum Campus, where it offers community outreach programs and studio art workshops taught by nationally known artists working in craft media. This program is one of the largest museum-based instruction programs in the State of Wisconsin.

Award winning Chicago-based architects Brininstool & Lynch reinvented the downtown Racine, Wisconsin space as a 46,000 square foot museum designed specifically for RAM's permanent collection. Its glowing facade and street level galleries stand as cultural beacons, drawing the attention of passers-by both night and day. The RAM facility includes exhibition galleries, a sculpture courtyard, a Museum Store, as well as an Art Library and research center.

Exhibitions of internationally acclaimed artists have increased visitors to the area and prompted inquiries from prestigious museums who want to rent shows of works from RAM’s collection. The museum hosts over 50,000 visitors each year from 39 different states and has an economic impact of over $5 million per year for Racine and the surrounding area.

Your donations help:
Donations will be used to benefit the exhibition and education programs for children and adults. Exhibition Program: RAM seriously documents the achievements of the major figures in crafts in a way that complements rather than duplicates exhibition content and collections in the larger museums to the north and south of Racine. The nationally significant artists RAM’s focus attracts guarantees that visitors are exposed to extremely high quality exhibitions whether they are organized by RAM or brought in from other museums. Education Program: Besides the studio arts programs at the Wustum Campus, RAM is building and expanding a program of free hands-on family workshops. The offerings are built around RAM exhibitions and include gallery tours and opportunities to make objects that are related to the current exhibition in content and media. Through these programs, RAM intends to integrate art into the daily lives of the audience and encourage them to expand their creativity as a family. In this way, families depart, having shared an educational experience they can also recreate at home.

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