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Alexandria Black History Museum
Alexandria,  VA
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Matteson Historical Society & Museum
Matteson, IL

The Matteson Historical Society was founded in 1975 to collect items of significance to Matteson’s storied past. The Society now houses it’s vast collection in the Matteson Historical Museum for all to enjoy. The mission of the museum is to curate, conserve and provide access to the Society’s historical documents and artifacts. From educational programs to a fascinating tourist destination, the museum offers an impressive look at Matteson’s past.

1813 School Avenue is your main Facility. It was formerly a school and a library. The Olde St. Paul’s Church was purchased by the Society in 1999 from funds in escrow since the Village of Matteson’s 150th Anniversary. The money was set aside for an historic building to become a museum.

Your donations help:
The donations will go towards The Olde Church roof, office and archival supplies and renovations of the bathroom.

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