Double Donation Day!

Double Donation Day!
Youth Science Center
Hacienda Heights,  CA
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Double Donation Day

American Swedish Historical Museum
Philadelphia, PA

The oldest Swedish museum in the United States, the American Swedish Historical Museum was founded in 1926 to preserve and promote Swedish and Swedish-American cultural heritage and traditions.

The Museum is located in South Philadelphia, in scenic FDR Park. The Museum's thirteen galleries showcase a unique blend of history, art and architecture related to Sweden. Three galleries are dedicated to the history of the early Swedish settlers who founded the New Sweden Colony in the Delaware Valley in the days before William Penn. Other galleries feature an outstanding collection of Swedish glass, works of art by two of Sweden's best-known artists, Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn, and examples of twentieth century art-deco interior design.

The Museum also features changing exhibitions, a research library and family friendly cultural events year-round.

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Your donations help with operating costs, special exhibitions and events at the museum.

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