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Newton History Museum at the Jackson Homestead
Newton,  MA
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Old Jail Museum-
Warrenton, VA

Beside the Old Courthouse is the Old Jail, a well proportioned brick and stone building, dating from 1808, which is now the home of the Fauquier Historical Society and serves as a museum. The front portion, originally containing four cells, was later remodeled into living quarters of the jailer. It now houses a collection of Indian artifacts, revolutionary era Civil War and Colonel John S. Mosby exhibits. The rear structure, built around 1822, contains the original cells as well as an exercise yard for prisoners. This is one of the few perfectly preserved old jails in the Commonwealth. Said one lady of distinction, "If I have to be put in jail, let it be in the old stone one in Warrenton. It is so picturesque." The Old Jail Museum is open year round, Tuesday through Sunday.

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Donations will be used to fund the archival storage and display of artifacts at the Old Jail Museum. They will also be used to promote history and education by means of new displays and scholarship / internship programs.

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