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Newton History Museum at the Jackson Homestead
Newton,  MA
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Illinois Aviation Museum
Bolingbrook, IL

The Illinois Aviation Museum is incorporated as a membership organization in the State of Illinois. IAM is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit corporation. It is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 15 members. An Executive Director manages the Museum’s day to day operation. The Museum is an all volunteer organization. Operating and Board level committees are coordinated by individuals picked from the Museum’s General Membership. Volunteers may be members or non-members. Become a Member Now for $35.00 at

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Our goal is to Educate and Preserve Aviation. We hold educational classes, we have a restoration workshop where we build and restore airplanes. We have a space camp- A hands-on Introduction to Aero-Sciences and Engineering - Remember Columbia STS-107 -Featuring a once in a lifetime opportunity to investigate actual debris from the Columbia Shuttle. In cooperation with NASA and Argonne National Laboratory, will conduct several training sessions for students entering 9th-12th grades. Please-check out our web site to see some of the planes we have restored. We also have an open house the first weekend of June, this year it is June 7 & 8th 2008. There will be airplanes of all types displayed at the Airport in which the Museum is located. Clow International Airport, 130 S. Clow International Pkwy, Bolingbrook IL 60490

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