What is ShopforMuseums.com? How Can I Help Museums?

by Administrator 21. April 2009 03:14

It makes sense to kick off our new blog with an explanation of what exactly ShopforMuseums.com does so you can fully understand how you can help out!

ShopforMuseums.com is an online shopping mall or portal, where you can access hundreds of your favorite stores all in one place. By clicking through ShopforMuseums.com on your way to do your everyday shopping at places like Target, Best Buy, Ebay, Old Navy, Joann.com, etc., you can create a FREE DONATION to a museum or related organization (park, zoo, historical society, wildlife rehabilitation center, etc.) of your choice! Yes, I said FREE! Plus, we gather exclusive coupons, offers and sales you can't get elsewhere so that you get the best deals on the web while doing good and helping out!

Here are our 3 easy steps to participate in ShopforMuseums:

1. Go to ShopforMuseums.comand sign up/log in or choose to shop anonymously.

2. Select a Museum Partner to support with your free donation. (We have over 1000 museums and organizations to date to select from!)

3. Then click through to the store of your choice and do your shopping.

Everything else is automatic! When you check out, because you clicked through from ShopforMuseums.com, we can track your donation based on your purchase amount back to the Museum Partner you selected. Museums then receive donation checks directly from us quarterly.

ShopforMuseums.com is so thankful to our hundreds of retail partners. Because of their support, we are able to keep our program completely free for you, our shoppers, and for our Museum Partners. That way we can all get down to business- saving you money when you shop online while bringing you the best sales, and most importantly, doing good for the many museums who having a tough time keeping the lights on and the doors open.

Thanks for making ShopforMuseums.com a habit whenever you shop online. Together we can make such a difference for these many wonderful organizations!


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