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Texas Seaport Museum
Galveston, TX

Texas Seaport Museum is the home of the 1877 Tall Ship ELISSA. The Texas Legislature recently named her the Official Tall Ship of Texas. Additionally ELISSA is a National Historic Landmark and also designated one of America’s Treasures by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the recipient of many historic and educational awards. A visit to the web site will provide more information.

ELISSA was built in 1877 at the Alexander Hall & Sons Shipyard in Aberdeen, Scotland for a British merchant, Henry Fowler Watt. Captain Watt was her owner and Captain from 1877 until 1897 when she was sold for the first of many times. ELISSA was discovered in Greece, being prepared for the scrap yard when she was purchased in 1979 by Galveston Historical Foundation for restoration and return to Galveston. The ship had called on the port of Galveston in 1883 and 1886, giving her direct connections to Galveston and Texas maritime history. Since the completion of her restoration in 1982 ELISSA has made many voyages and annual sea trials in the Gulf of Mexico.

ELISSA and Texas Seaport Museum support many educational programs for young people including a youth sailing program on ELISSA, overnight and tour programs, marine biology tours and historic harbor tours on a 50 foot catamaran tour boat.

Your donations help:
Your shopping donation will help us raise funds to maintain the 1877 ELISSA. Donations to Texas Seaport Museum and Galveston Historical Foundation provide the funds for the operation of the ship and museum as well as the continuing maintenance required to keep a museum ship in full sailing condition. Major projects for the ship include: down rigging and refurbishing the foremast, replacement of deck planks on the foredeck, reconditioning the deck house, repairs to main and quarter decks.

In addition there are continuing requirements for painting and varnishing, rigging and sail repair, rust prevention and rust busting, engineering maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems and refreshing and expanding the exhibits on the ship and in the museum to interpret the history of life at sea in the late 1800s. The work of maintenance and preservation is accomplished by a dedicated group of volunteers led by a small dedicate staff of professionals.

ELISSA sails at least once per year on annual sea trials in the Gulf of Mexico. The ship is crewed by volunteers who have completed an extensive seamanship training program in the art of sailing and maintaining a 19th century square rigged ship. A group of professional, licensed officers direct the sailing operations and offer additional crew training and experiences.

There are many ways you can get involved.

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