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Seneca Falls Historical Society
Seneca Falls, NY

Seneca Falls Historical Society

In 1896 the Seneca Falls Historical Society was founded to preserve and study the history of Seneca County and Seneca Falls. The Board of Regents of the State of New York granted a charter in 1904. Through the years the Historical Society has collected, preserved and taught the history of this area. In 1962 the Society purchased the Becker home as a permanent place to house the collection that had been acquired over the years.

The Becker mansion was first built by Edward Mynderse in 1855 as an Italiante –style home. Ellen Partridge purchased the house in 1880 and embarked on an extensive remodel. The style was changed to the Queen Anne that you see today. Norman Becker purchased the house in 1891 and the family lived there until 1962. The Museum contains a drawing room, parlor, wide staircase all the way to the third floor, dining room, butler’s pantry, kitchen, upstairs bedrooms, bathrooms, a research library, photo archives, manuscript archives, several collections, authentic Victorian furniture, an office, museum shop, working kitchen and bathroom. Also on site is a Victorian tool house, the Town Clock rescued from demolition, hundreds of feet of original wrought iron fencing, slate sidewalks and port cochere.

Today the Museum houses a significant collection of artifacts, including photos, from the early Women’s Rights Movement and the American Civil War, as well as life in Seneca County. The Society’s extensive archives and library have been used by researchers and genealogists from across the United States. Included in the collection are artifacts from families, businesses and industries of Seneca Falls

We have interpretive educational programs with the pre-k through the third grade in Seneca Falls, fourth graders through out Seneca County and surrounding areas and adult programming, working cooperatively with Seneca Falls based Women’s Rights National Park, Hall of Fame and Urban Cultural Park.

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