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 speak up for museums

The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) and Invite You to Speak Up for Museums!

girl under dinasour picture is so much more than a
shopping website. We are a community of people coming together to make a difference for museums large and small across the U.S.

That's why we are proud to announce the AAM's new website,

Did you know:

  • Museums in the U.S. spend $5.7 billion dollars a year serving the public.

  • There are 2.3 million museum visits happening each day here in the U.S., totalling over 600 million visits per year.

  • Museums provide more than 18 million hours a year in educational programming.

  • Museums across the U.S. serve as centers of learning, as civic institutions, as protectors of our heritage, and as key partners in travel and tourism.

  • On average, museums earn a total of only $6 per visitor from all revenue sources combined (admission, museum shops, restaurants, etc.). However the average cost of serving each visitor is $23!

Like other not-for-profit organizations,
museums have to raise the rest themselves!

family on stepsYou can help! Here's how:

Visit AAM's new Speak up for Museums website today to learn how to advocate for museums.

  • Learn how to contact your legislators and let them know you care.
  • Find out what bills and legislation are affecting museums and how to track them.
  • Learn more about the AAM's role in helping museums succeed.


Plus consider doing these things in your community:

  • Use whenever you shop online to create a FREE donation for your museum or organization.

  • Purchase or renew your museum membership, and give a museum membership as a gift.

  • Shop at your museum's store or online store. Click on your museum's name on our Museum Partner page to link to your museum's website and online store.

  • Visit your museum often. Your presence and participation help museums build a case that they deserve funding from government and private sources.

  • Take a few minutes to tell your elected officials how much museums in your community mean to you. You can use the tools provided by the American Alliance of Museums to learn more!

The more advocates we can engage in support of museums, the bigger the difference we can make! Thanks for taking action today!




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