Double Donation Day!

Double Donation Day!
Forest Park Zoological Society
Springfield,  MA
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Double Donation Day

Hoard Historical Museum
Fort Atkinson, WI

A local history museum with a big story to tell, the Hoard Museum is like no other. Here you’ll meet the Sauk warrior Black Hawk and hear the story of the 1832 Black Hawk War. Find out what kind of soldier young Abraham Lincoln was and learn how “Fort Atkinson” came to be. Then, let us introduce you to two locals of whom we’re very proud - William Dempster Hoard, the father of the Wisconsin dairy industry, and world famous poet Lorine Niedecker. In between all this, you’ll see a dazzling collection of Native American artifacts, quilts, local artwork and much more.

Visitors will also enjoy The National Dairy Shrine’s Visitors Center, which features a multimedia show that captures the sights and sounds of dairy farming – past, present and future.

Lincoln Era Library & Exhibit:

Over 1400 volumes line the shelves of this beautiful room connecting Abraham Lincoln to Jefferson County - from his involvement here in the Black Hawk War, to our Civil War soldiers, to his influence on a young William Dempster Hoard.

The Bird Room

Over 500 birds, including those mounted by famed naturalist Thure Kumlein, and taxidermist Walter Pelzer, peer back at you when you enter this unusual room. Included in the collection is a beautiful example of the extinct passenger pigeon.

Check out the website for even more fascinating exhibits!

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Donations will be used for the general operation of the museum, and to help fund programming throughout the year.

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