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Pawnee Bill Museum and Ranch
Pawnee, OK

The Pawnee Bill Mansion, completed in 1910, is unequivocally a stereotypical Arts and Crafts house, although its design style was not acknowledged for many, many years. (Primarily because architects and historians thought that the Arts and Crafts movement could not have possibly reached the plains states as early as 1910.) Finally, urged by local enthusiasts of the style who pointed out that Pawnee Bill had traveled coast to coast and could have been quite familiar with the Arts and Crafts construction, not to mention that he hired a Philadelphia architect who most certainly understood the concept, the bungalow was evaluated on a point by point basis. Its status as a true Arts and Crafts structure of the Tudor style has finally been acknowledged.

The only "non-original" building on the hill, the museum and gift shop serves as the hub of all activities. The museum displays artifacts from the wild west shows and the lives of Pawnee Bill and May Lillie and offers information about the ranch. A nicely stocked book store and gift shop give visitors the opportunity to take home a souvenier or acquire a book on the wild west, cowboys, Native Americans in general and Pawnee Indians in particular. The building also houses a conference room which hosts a series of hands-on educational workshops throughout the year as well as providing a meeting/reception area for special events. As with the other facilites at the ranch, entrance to the museum is free.

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Donations will be used to help with special projects and annual programs that are presented at the Pawnee Bill Museum and Ranch atop Historic BlueHawk Peak.

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