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Lane Place
Crawfordsville, IN

Approximately 10,000 visitors took part in MCHS activities and/or events held at our facilities in 2002. All fifty states were represented as well as Australia, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Japan by our patrons. The annual Strawberry Festival attracted at least 6,000 people from around the Mid-West. Over 2,000 4th through 8th grade Indiana and Illinois school children toured the Lane Place Historic Home last year. And our own MCHS-sponsored field trips hosted many happy travelers to the exhibits in Chicago museums.


Playing a role in the curriculum of Indiana schools, the MCHS is working to advance character education. Of the 2,000 students who attended our programs this year, most were utilizing their field trip as an extension of their state history curriculum. Many 4th grade school children attended the Henry S. Lane Historic Home during their social studies course work. We were pleased to honor three award winners of our annual Jane Kessler 4th grade writing contest at our Tannenbaum spring dinner.


Over 1,875 hours of service was donated to the MCHS by our dedicated corps of volunteers. This translates into over $25,000 in human resources according to the equation from the Points of Light Foundation.


The Strawberry Festivaal exhibit was very well attended and featured artifacts from the world wars. Lane Place was decked in patriotic colors to honor our heroes.

Oral History

In 2000 our ten-year project under the direction of Robert Wernle to document the story of area WWII veterans came to an end with a total of 84 tapes produced for the Crawfordsville Public Library. In 2000, a new oral history project focusing on Korean War veterans began. In 2001 and 2002, work on the oralhistory project has continued.

Community Events

Many events were hosted by the MCHS on our grounds. These include professional workshops, civic band concerts, weddings, receptions, anniversary celebrations, holiday parties, birthdays, community dances, veterans gatherings, family reunions, hobby demonstrations, and tourism meetings.

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