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Alexandria Black History Museum
Alexandria,  VA
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American Textile History Museum
Lowell, MA

The American Textile History Museum houses one of the largest collections of its kind in the world. Its collections contain thousands of books, trade catalogs, business records and personal papers, prints and photographs, a growing costume collection, millions of textiles samples, and hundreds of machines used in textile manufacture. The Museum is an unparalleled resource for the study of textile history in the United States. You will find a wealth of information about textile art, factory architecture, textile production, technological invention, labor history, industrial organization and the everyday life of mill towns.

The American Textile History Museum's educational programs and exhibitions provide enjoyable opportunities for personal growth and discovery through exposure to information and objects that connect to America's diverse textile heritage and stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills.

Our ongoing hands-on fun place for children-of-all-ages helps us tell the story of textiles in many ways. Read stories in our Polynesian-style reading house from our well-stocked library. Visit our dress-up area loaded with accessories, jewelry, and masks. Try your hand at fiber arts by weaving on our various looms, or spinning with drop spindles. Play at our large, newly acquired doll house, our puppet theater, and activity tables, themed to complement the Museum’s special changing exhibit. For our current special exhibit on quilts, on TLC theme is “Life’s a QUILTED Beach.” Make and decorate sunglasses, visors, beach bags, and flip flop key chains. Make miniature beach blankets that serve as bingo cards for Beach Blanket Bingo. Try your hand at making story quilt squares and designer quilt square mug rugs. Quilt pattern templates abound for all your decorating needs!

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