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Alexandria Black History Museum
Alexandria,  VA
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Fort Wayne Museum of Art
Fort Wayne, IN

While our country’s artistic heritage does not extend back as many centuries as that of the European nations, America’s contribution to the history, and future, of the visual arts is both significant and extensive. Unfortunately, it is also under-appreciated and misunderstood – even by most Americans.

The Museum is working to change that. Over the past few months, we have developed a multi-faceted educational initiative to increase our audience’s knowledge and appreciation of the past, present and future of American Art.

The Museum’s American Art Initiative is a strategically planned series of educational programs for adults and children that have been created specifically to increase appreciation and understanding of American Art. Last fall, we introduced two of these new programs for our adult audiences: the American Stories lecture series which focuses on American art & history from 1760 - 1913, and Conversations On Collecting, a series designed to stimulate interest in collecting American Art. We also introduced two noted American art scholars, Dr. Sarah Burns and Dr. Barbara Tannenbaum, in our continuing Distinguished Lecturer series.

For children visiting the Museum, we will be offering the newly configured American Art School Tour program which uses current exhibitions as the starting point for art explorations and hands-on experiences.

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